Who is the Travelling Manc?!

So who am I? Good question, I ask myself the same question daily! Anyways, here's a few basics to be getting on with. Not to be confused with a dating profile! Enjoy!

Name: Lauren Sian

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Height: 169 cm

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: At the moment, dark red. It changes frequently.

Hometown: Manchester, England.

Current location: Prague, Czech Republic.

My favourite place to visit: Istanbul, Turkey.

Occupation: For the purpose of this blog, a writer. However, I do this for fun, I also have a full time job that pays the bills. See more below.

Looking for: Travel, adventure, excitement, knowledge and power (*evil laugh*)!

How people describe me: A handful after a few glasses of wine, I struggle with diplomacy (apparently some people can't handle the truth!). You know that thing in your head that stops you saying too much? Yeah, I don't have that. Probably the most honest person you will meet (but I also expect the same decency back).

My loves: Travelling (obviously!), Manchester music (watch 24 Hour Party People for more information!), meeting new people, new cultures, drinking, good food, fashion and the finer things in life.

My hates: Working in an office, people who lie (hell hath no fury like a Manc scorned), not learning = boredom = an unhappy Lauren.

5 things most people won't know about me: 
  1. I studied Biomedical Science with Forensic Biology (Give me reason to and I can make sure even the cast of C.S.I. won't find your body!). And no, I have no intention of finding a job in this field of study...
  2. I used to be a cabin crew for a well known but not so well liked airline. It was as bad as it was good but I have plenty of fond memories and met some great friends, so it was well worth it.
  3. My full time job is as an export co coordinator of finished lubricants and additives throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Just to clarify, for an oil company, not an erotic company! 
  4. I have just moved into my own little apartment (no more flat mates, YAY!). I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  5. I used to have a mortgage on a 3 bedroom house in Manchester at the grand old age of 22 and was engaged at 24. I suddenly realised how ridiculous this was and promptly called it off, signed it over and ran off to Dublin, phew! I don't regret it one bit as my life started getting more exciting after that and has been one long delightful roller coaster ever since. 'The one' is still elusive.

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  1. Fascinating blog, Lauren! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!