Sunday, 19 January 2014

Holiday Wishlist 2014

It's January, it's cold and that last sunny holiday seems so far away. But don't despair, it's time to think about where we want to go next! As I have a full time job too, I have to work my way around how many vacation days I have but I'm hoping over the coming months I will be doing less work in an office and more in the sun! That's the plan anyway.

So now is the time to think and plan where we want to go, ohhhhhh the possibilities are endless! For some reason, I'm all about the Middle East recently. Istanbul introduced me a whole new culture and I am now hooked. So here is my wishlist 2014:

  1. Turkey - I only spent a short amount of time in Istanbul but it was magical, I was amazed by just about everything. This time, I want to see more of Turkey, namely Oludeniz, Cappadocia, and Pammukale. Why? Because they look awesome and that's the only excuse I need!
  2. Italy - Rome. Why have I not been here already?! Your guess is as good as mine...
  3. Montenegro - All of it! Quite small so shouldn't be difficult. My second love is the Balkans. In fact, I will extend this to most of the Balkans!
  4. Jordan - Specifically Petra. I've been seeing some articles on Petra recently and it looks beautiful. I need to see it for myself!
  5. Isreal - I'd like to visit Tel Aviv, Nazereth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Again, I have mostly been looking at articles and been inspired to visit these places, but I also have some friends that have recently moved there so it would be nice to visit them.
  6. UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Bahrain. OK, these have actually been on my list for a while but due to the expense have never been fulfilled. Perhaps 2014 will be the year?! Let's see!
  7. Australia.... OK OK, this is getting a little out of hand for someone who only has 25 days holiday a year so I'm going to stop here!
And now I realise that I need to quit my job and pack my bags! Hmmmm....

So what is on your holiday wishlist this year?! I would love to hear / see / get insanely jealous at your suggestions!!!!

Have you already been to any of the above destinations? What would be your advice?

And as Morrissey (another famous Manc expat!) once said:

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  1. Maybe we should do Jordan together sometime. :) - Pink Carry On