Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Very Czech Christening

Here's a new one for me, not only my first Czech Christening, but in fact my first ever Christening altogether! It was beautiful. I'd like to thank my lovely friends Kiki and Vivi (mummy and daddy) and possibly the prettiest baby ever, Isabella Katerina for such a wonderful day. The ceremony was held in Vinor, Prague.

Daddy and daughter

Mummy, daddy, Isabella and great grandma.

Oooh, yum. What's this?

Nom nom nom. Mummy, God father and Bella.

The church

Say cheese!

The speeches

The meat platter

The cheese platter

And the beautiful cake.

Cheeky monkey!


It's Too Cold in Prague! Missing Late Summer Evenings in Istanbul!

It's cold and it's dark way too early... welcome to winter Prague style!

As the cold, dark nights draw in, I'm missing Istanbul again. Late Summer evenings drinking tea and wine, (mostly wine!), beautiful surroundings, cute cats, Istanbul has it all. For now I will console myself with some Turkish tea and lokum.

Things I miss in pictures:

En route... ooh the excitement of flying somewhere!

Being showered by a water cannon is a must on your visit!

Crazy cat lady starter kit basket?!

Ohhhhh, the food, the beautiful food!

The views

The atmosphere.

But for now, I will just have to console myself with this.

Lauren Loves...

Lauren Loves... My new flat!

So, I have just moved into my own little flat and left the whole flat mate thing behind me. So this week, I'm loving my flat! We all know you've just come for the pictures (admit it), so here goes...

A sizable cocktail glass for the discerning lady.

Not Manchester, but close enough!

A selection of Turkish tea is a must...
...Without forgetting that I am actually English!

Woe behest anyone who dares to wake me.

Just in time for winter, a nice bubble bath.

More of the obligatory particulars!

What? You actually expected to see the whole of my flat? This isn't cribs guys and I'm no celebrity... Now shoo....!